Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Looks Diary: Somewhere around 2008

This picture is taken by ranma at Ancol when we're attending urban festival at "Pantai Carnaval". It's after the event, I'm on the phone with my boyfriend and she took a snapshot of. I like it :) like everything but my expression :D bad! I wore washed jeans, blue tank top, pale pink cardigan, blue gladi, with wooden necklace and black bag. 

This one is also a snapshot pic, by my brother if I'm not mistaken. But, since it capture what i wore, i post it here. I wore my floral shirt (made by Ita Mukti, design by me :D), blue corduroy-like skinny pants (used to be a bootcut pants but I had it modified) and my bronze peep toed flat (love it so much, there were times I wore it anytime, anywhere, until it's almost broken). I was at Oma Dee's house for some family event.

This picture was taken at Pondok Indah Mall when I met Stephanie (my college roommate) before she went to Netherlands to get her LLM degree :) I wore my pink Accent shirt, black pants, white flats, and black Ananas bag :D

060109: Another Family Gathering :)

I love the red painting behind me :) I was at the Aston apartment, at a family gatherig. I wore my "distro shirt" (like it because its "baby-doll like" and long sleeves, it's unusual), blue 'corduroy-like' pants, blue gladi and black Ananas bag. I add some color with back-yelow-red handmade necklace (made by Oma Frans).

Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Looks diary: 2008 with Rona :)

Me and Rona at some Church ceremony, we took part as the choir. We supposed to wear black and white. So I wear with shirt with green lace accent, black simpel skirt and black patent wedges. I like rona's skirt and belt. She's always trendy, even for Church ceremony :D

This picture's also taken at the Church. That day I wore my black tank, black Gaudi skinny jeans, and a hand me down broken white blazer. I wore a white peep toe heels but you can't see it in the picture :) While Rona wore a similar tone with me. We we're surprised because we didn't arrange that. So I think it worth to be photographed :D

Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

070109: Om Fred Birthday at Pelabuhan Ratu :)

Last Monday, is My Uncle (Om) Fred's 50th birthday. He invited me and my Grandma to a trip to Pelabuhan Ratu. I've wrote the full story on other post :) That day I wore my white see through shirt with brown tank top inside and my boot cut jeans with my blue gladi (oh, and my black Ananas bag :P). That day is full of fun. The picture taken by Om Fred at a exotic resort hotel by the sea named "Padi-Padi".

Sabtu, 10 Januari 2009

Happy Girly Night!

This Saturday Night is an unordinary   one. 


Because i had a "date" with my girl Rona. :) I haven't go out with her (and my other girlfriend) for ages! (OK, I'm being hyperbolic :D) That's because for the past 4 months my life is about campus, "kos", assignments, papers, tests.. aaarrgh! All about surviving my first semester on post-graduate program. Yeah the "first semester" which my seniors refer as a "loose" one. While i'm not feeling loose at all :D (maybe it's just me and my stressful mind :D)

Anyway, now i'm on holiday, vacation, day off from those stressful things. Maybe this will be my last long vacation in 1,5 years to come (Is that true seniors?). And i want to make the best of out it. I'll work (hard) and play (harder), two things that cannot be done often on "school" days :D

One of my form of play is going out with my girls (which i rarely done, like i've said before). So i arrange this meeting with my high school mates. Adit, Rona, Vanya, agree to meet up on Saturday, 10 January 09 and we'll hang out at Kedai-Kemang to catch up. I really miss talking to them. I enjoy every conversation with them. I learn and share much with them.

Unfortunately the plan wasn't working very well. I have this "sudden job" and Vanya has this lunch with her "future family". Plus, I have my car stuck at the parking lot of the place where i did the job which delay me from the "meeting". I supposed to picked Adit and Rona up at 5.30 while my car (finally) free at 6.30! That "stuck" thing ruin our plan! For some reasons Adit can not go with us. That leaves me and Rona.

Luckily Rona was still in the mood to go out and have some fun. So there were we, two single girls (by single i mean "not married" :D) went to some cozy place called "Kedai". I like that place! The ambience is homey and it's dominated with pink and green. Love that combination! Love the way it decorated too (I'll post pictures later..) They also have a delicious bakwan. I enjoy just sitting there, chat and taking pictures with Rona :) after we finish our meal, suddenly there were an urge to have some sisha. So off we went to Little Baghdad. We get a nice spot out door and we have this very cheerful moment. Laughing, sharing tips around "how to enjoy single life", "how to have a 'healthy' relationship", and updating our stories :D. That moment I just feel happy. Maybe because it's a "new" thing for me, i rarely go out to places other than malls :D But I think the main reason is because i'm with someone who has this "cheerful" aura. Yep, talking bout you na :)

I don't know how to sum up this note, i just write and let my random mind flows. One thing for sure, i'm looking forward to another night like this: wandering around with my girl friends. If two of us can make my night, more people should be even better. 

"So, when will our next hang out be, na? :D with your random people maybe? hehehe"

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Another FUN and Full day: Om Fred's 51 Birthday

Tuesday, 7 January 2009

Today is Om Fred's 51st Birthday. He is my mum's older brother. To celebrate his birhtday, he took a day off from his office and invite My Grandma, me and my 2nd younger brother to a trip to "Pelabuhan Ratu". My brother cannot come because he's already have a plan for today. So that leave me, Oma Ine, Om Fred and his wife: Tante Monique. His children and my other siblings cannot come because they have to go to school. Lucky me, I'm on holiday :)

We start our journey at 6 o'clock. First we drive Obriga (Om Fred's son) to school and continue our journey. After a 1,5 on the road, we stop at "Desa Bumbu" restaurant hoping to have a cup of hot coffee or tea. Unfortunately the restaurant hasn't opened yet. It open at 9 a.m while we were there at 7.30, few hours early. But the good thing is, we can still enjoy the scenery there. Desa Bumbu is an open restaurant, half outdoor, located in the middle of rice field. The scenery was an eye candy. You can see the rice field with a mountain and a blue sky as the background. It indulge other senses too. The wind is perfect, not too windy but fresh. You can also ear the sound of water and birds are singing. Beautiful! We spend some time walking around the area, taking pictures (will post it later, still on Om Fred's camera), even chatting with the farmer there. Om Fred get tips on "how to make the soil better" from the farmer :)

Pleased with the scenery, we continue our journey. After a long road and few stop (the gas station and some wood craft shop) we arrived at Batu Amrta restaurant, Pelabuhan Ratu. Pelabuhan Ratu is a beach area in the south of west Java and the restaurant located at the edge of the road, near the ocean but we can not reach it (post the picture later, it's hard to explain :D ). 

We had "nasi timbel" for lunch. I enjoy the beach scenery a lot! Love it. After lunch, we go to "Padi Padi" resort hotel, only for a survey. It was a very exotic place! The building is Mediterranean style. The room is also unique, they have an open bathroom :) Yummy for honeymoon couple i think :) So bad they have poor maintenance. If i were a millionaire i would buy that place, give it some maintenance, keep it clean and threw a party there for publication :)

After "Padi Padi" we went to "Samudra Beach" hotel, there, me and Om fred spend some time to take pictures and just enjoy the beach and the waves :) "Samudra Beach" was our last stop at "Pelabuhan Ratu", after that we go on our way back home. We also stop at my other Grandma's house near our home. I arrived at home at about 21 p.m. Even though I'm tired but I'm having a lot of FUN today :) 

*Salute to my "Om Fred" and his way of spending his 51st birthday: sharing joy to his surroundings.* 

"Happy Birthday Uncle! Wish you all the best in life, always on God's hand and may good things happened to you and your family as good as you've been to others :)"

Minggu, 04 Januari 2009

050109: The first "looks diary project" :D

This picture's taken on Sunday, 5 January 2009. It was after Church, with Rona, my best friend since elementary school :D. She's also one of my inspiration in fashion. I'm wearing: grey H&M shirt (Bandung), Point One black skinny jeans, black tank top, black shoes from Oma Dee, necklace from Oma Frans (handmade!) and my 'whenever-wherever' Ananas bag (since I wear it almost every occasion :) ). Thanks to Peter who take the picture :)
Still on Sunday, 5 January 2009: after dinner with My Dad's Big Family. I'm wearing pink sleeveless plaid shirt covered with black pashmina,Point One black skinny jeans and my Mum's black flip flop :)

I have plenty of things on my mind! :)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I woke up at 8.30 am and be prepared for Church. Last night, I was up 'till 4 a.m, browsing bor lookbook and blogs which i found inspiring :)

Few days ago, one of my "Chick" grandma hand me down her black leather ankle 
boots, a cool necklace and two big belt. I'm so lucky to have chick grandmas *love u Oma Dee, Oma Frans, Oma Ani, Oma Ine* :) They were so chick, they use many accessories like belt, necklaces, bags and so on. Oma Frans even made necklaces by herself and when they no longer use that stuffs, they hand it down to: ME.. yaaay! That's because I'm the oldest grand-daughter and most of their grandchildren are boys. That leaves me and Avi, but Avi doesn't give as much attention to accessories as i do. Or, should I say, haven't give as much attention as i have. Maybe someday she will be as attracted to acessories as i did :) 

Anyway, the 'all night browsing' and my old but new accessories inspire my look today. I war my grey H&M shirt -bought it at Bandung last weekend, on a trip with Arkie and his family *aah, another story* :) - with my black skinny jeans and my grandma's ankle boots. I like to mix and matched my clothes, but sometimes i forgot my clothes 'inventory'. So, i've been thinking to documenting my looks. I've taken few picture from time to time, starting 3 months ago *if I'm not mistaken*. But that pictures goes to trash or just there at my cellphone's memory card. Now, I'm going to post it here :) It's not that i value myself as "fashionable" so that people could be inspired by the looks i posted. It's more like a private archive that I'm willing to share. I'm open for comments and critiques, especially a constructive one :) It's a good timing to start, since it's the beginning of 2009 :) lets see how long i could committed to this 'looks diary projects' :D

At the Church, the Preacher mention about Israel and Palestine. Recently, Israel has attacked civilians in Palestine (that's that I heard from here and there). The Preacher said that even though Israel is 'the chosen nation' (In Christian, Israel is a nation that is chosen by GOD') but when they did inhuman act, when they show no love (which is the core of Christianity), Christian people should take a stand. Well, i think that's an interesting topic which reminds me: I have to be more concern with what's going on with the world, with the environment around me. First I have to know what issue is going on, better if i can understand it scientifically :) after that I have to take a stand, I have to have my own opinion about that issue. Well, I'm a very ignorant person, i don't read newspaper, i don't watch morning news, i don't read news websites. I have tried to, for a few days, but I'm not committed enough to continue. I was busy with 'my thing': my study, my "problems" with family, friends, boyfriends, that kind of stuff. Today, I will try once more, to make myself more concern.
"I promise myself, from now on, I will read newspaper everyday, watch at least 1 news, and open at least once every time I get online"

After Church, I go home, have some brunch and change my outfit. I'm wearing my pink plaid sleeveless shirt and black skinny jeans. I go to family meeting, my mum's family. The topic is about a family legacy in Manado -where my ancestors came from-. I'm not going to discuss the topic here, but i get this insight form that meeting: there are at least there important yet often forgotten things to be prepared before you die:

  1. Make sure you have made a will, this will avoid family feud over your belongings.
  2. In time of grief, people often forget to take care of important things like death certificate.So, it's very important to inform this to your family and if it's possible, assign one f your family member to be responsible for this duty.
  3. Prepare legal documents for your belongings you've shared in the will, along with a clear will, this should give your family less burden and less feud potential.
Since nobody knows when his life ended, that things should be prepared as early as it could be :)

After the family meeting, I'm having another family gathering, but this time with my dad's big family. It's a farewell dinner for dad's sister. She lives at Germany and will go back home at 6th January 2009. So, this is her last weekend in Indonesia. We gather on some outdoor place called "kampoeng djajan" or "village of snacks". It's a space where you could eat and listen to live music. Not a fancy one, but it suit my dad's sister's preference. There are 27 of us, 13 adults and the rest are children to adolescent. We have so much fun! After the meal, my dad start to sing and the kids are forced to sing in front of everybody. At first, we say "no, thanks" buat ended up singing two songs or more :D Here are some pictures of me and my cousins:

that's me (with the black pashmina) and Nita
Nita, me, Peter, Gilbert, Arnold, Arthur

Wynda, Nita, Me (facing the other way), Arthur
Keke, Lingkan, Me, Garry, Arnold, Arthur, Gilbert

I arrived at home at about 01.00 a.m. Now is 5:06 a.m, I'm still in the mood of writing my mind down, posting pictures and playing fashion war at facebook.

Aaah, what a day! I think it's enough for this post. Thanks for this post. Thanks for reading :) *doubt that anyone will ever read this, but just incase ;P*

*who is happy to write down what's on her mind*