Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Silly-Lovely Night with Wave of 10 Gals

Been a while since our last hang out.. So happy to meet them.  2.5 hours I spent on the way to FX are worth it. :) The random karaoke playlist was so much fun! From old Indonesian songs, house music, to the newest R 'n B songs. I guess I burnt some calories there! :p Not to mention the inspiring chit-chat bout vacations. *we should took a road trip sometimes, gals!* Love the pictures taken from Ismi's iPhone..

The happy gal.

 Silly eh? Love it! (Dita gave us bangles from Bali.. I picked the pink one. Sweet isn't?)
 Affectionate ;)
 She gave me the beautiful necklace that chimes as I walk ;)
 Anda, Riri, Me, Ismi, Indah, Icha
 Minus Riri, plus Dita..
I wore XSML top, Contempo jeans, Jones NY wedges, Unbranded bag, Chiming necklace from Indah