Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

LD 310509 : Gals Day Out

I wear:
My brother's white shirt (love it!)
Random jeans
silver belt (Grandma's)
Silver wedges (a gift)
Pekalongan hand bag (RP 25k)

My friend's bf took this picture. I'm at a hospital, seeing my friend's Mom. We have a chat and it's a warm one (been missing it :) ) and took a few pictures.

LD 290509 : Casual Date

I wear:
Black tee (bought it somewhere at cibubur, about RP 25k)
U2 pants (hand-me-down from my aunt, modified it a bit :) )
My (not so) little brother's vest (when he was 10 I think :P, now it's mine)
Les catino hounds tooth bag (a gift)
Forever 21 apple necklace (about RP 60k)
Bellagio heels (about RP 150k)

We had another double date with Dita and Evert, this time we watched Terminator: Salvation. What a cool movie! I enjoyed it :) The actors are HOT! *oops, forgot the name, the one that is Marcus*.

Kamis, 28 Mei 2009

LD 280509: Adding some colour to life.

Today I checked on my closet and realized that most of my wardrobe are in dark colors like black, brown, dark blue or monochromatic like white or plain grey. I'm lack of colorful shirt. If I were going to buy or made new clothes, it will be colorful one ☺

I'm happy today because the 2nd interview went well. *Thanks for being a good participant, Vera!*

Anyway, I wanted to wear something bright and colorful so I wear my pink-yellow-blue-white stripes shirt with yellow tank top inside. Matched it with custom made pants and my loyal and cheap black peep toed wedges. ☺

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Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

LD 270509: I could've done better.

Today I did stupid mistake which cost me time and effort. So I have to do it again tomorrow. I have to interview a person for at least 45 minutes and record it audio-visually. I did the interview but it only last for 30 minutes. Well, I'll do it again tomorrow.

It seems that I'm doing approach-avoidant thing this night. I avoid doing my tasks and preparing for tomorrow's interview. All I did was least important things like taking pictures of myself, edited it and post it in my blog.

Anyway, today I wear:
New York & company white shirt, one of my favorite shirt (Bought it in Bandung, less than RP 100k).
Old navy grey wool low waist pants (Also bought in Bandung, less than RP 100k, which means less than 10 USD).
Les catino hounds tooth bag (Debenhams, on sale, about RP 120k, it's a gift anyway ☺)
Bellagio shoes (PIM, RP 150k)

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LD 260509: Just brown

I tried to made some picture variation. So I took a series of picture and here they are. It was taken by my Sonny Ericsson K 610i cell phone. I did it my self with help from self timer mode. :) After that I edited it a bit, giving it a vintage look so it wouldn't be so boring. I also try a new pose. I did it after another hectic yet exciting day at campus. What do you think? :)

I'm wearing:
Black-brown stripes shirt (ITC)
Brown skirt (Pasar Senen, RP 1k *0.1 USD* cheap isn't? my friend give it to me)
Belt (Hand me down from Oma Dee)
Black peep toed wedges (ITC)

Senin, 25 Mei 2009

LD 250509: Purple Day

Today is such a hectic day. We have this interpreting and integrating a bunch of psychological test. The lecturer wanted us to be finished by 2 PM. But none of the group succeeded. So, we can submit it tomorrow.

This task made me stay at my class until 6.30 PM. Phew, tired! Now I'm already at my room but still, I have to finished that task which will by submitted at 8 AM tomorrow. Well, I think a deserve some free time. So I edited some pictures taken by Ade, my class mate.

I wore purple executive shirt and executive atmosphere 'not so high waist' back pants with my beige bellagio pumps shoes. Nothing fancy, I even thought today's look is a failure. Nothing inspiring and doesn't fit me too well. Doesn't flatter my body shape. Well, better tomorrow I guess.

Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

LD 230509: Saturday Night Chit-chat

I had a fun Saturday Night. Usually I spent it with my boyfriend but last night my boyfriend arrange a double date with Dita & Evert. Dita is his junior high friend. We spent the night at Deli france Bistro at PIM, my favorite mall, enjoying delicious pizza, fresh peach ice tea and most important I enjoy the talk. We talk about lots of things like our current activities, current issues and how we see that situation, we even talk about marriage plan and principle issues ☺.

I like going out with D ♥ E, we have things in common and one of it is we like to take pictures. In my term, we love to capture moments. Whether it's snap shot or a planned one. So, we close the Saturday night chit chat with "photo session". You can see picture of me and Dita above. It's only one among plenty pictures we took ☺.

That night I wore my point one black skinny jeans, black tank top, green cardigan, noeveau heels, and green necklace from Oma Lany.

My point is I enjoy the rest of the night. And looking forward for next double date. More stories and pictures to come. Yaaaay! ☺

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Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

LD 220509: His Family Day

Today I went to my boy friend's grandma's house. We spent the afternoon there. Chatting with Oma and Arkie's cousins Avi, Allys, and Aldi. Oh how I miss them! ☺

I wear dark grey contempo jeans, shocking pink fcuk tees, grey peep in cardigan, and silver wedges heels. Bad picture quality, but I like the combination. What do you think? ☺
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Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

LD 080409: feels like I'm in a rain forest ..

Today is my nanny's birthday. We are not connected by blood but she's like an Aunt to me.
I had lunch at her house and it's such a pretty one. She lives together with my fashionable Oma Dee. And both of them are good with plants so, their place is a green an cozy one. Oh, I like it.. Feels like I'm in a rainforest :)
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