Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

One Sweet Day

I had a very sweet day. I began yesterday with a sleepy taxi ride to the launching of  Plot Point a place where you can get various writing related courses. It's founded by a group of young passionate writers. One of them is my collage friend and she asked me to open expressive writing class. So I'm one of the tutor for Expressive Writing course, very excited about it.

After the launching, Ismi, one of my "wave of ten" gals picked me up and off we went to Starbucks, Plaza Senayan. I love the gals so much. We've been friends for almost 7 years now. We've been through a lot. Struggling, laughing, crying, quarreling, and back to laughing. We have ups and down, good and bad times, yet we're still in contact 'till now. At least we meet about once a month or once every two months. I can be myself whenever I'm with them. We can be ourselves in this warm homey group of gals. I'm being sentimental, hehehehe..  Anyway, I wanna comment on our style. Each of us have our own style. Me, with my mature style, Indah with her sexy-flirtatious style, Riri in her classic wardrobe, Anna in her casual style, the edgy Dita and girly Anda plus the teenage-look-a-like Ismi (not in the picture). Cute picture, I like! Thanks to Riri's hi-tech i phone. :)

After a fun talk-laugh and tour around the mall, my boyfie picked my up. Miss him much! We haven't been in contact for 6 days! After that we went to Kamseng restaurant to have a yummy porridge late dinner and hang out with my other friends. At about 12 a.m, me, boyfie and 2 of my BFFs drove to meet Nonita, the birthday girl. After a short yet fun chit chat and photo session, we went home. Well, my boyfie drove three of us home. He was still tired from the 'camp' yet he managed to meet me, want to hang out with my friends and drove us home. Very thoughtful of him! I'm a lucky girl.. Hihihi.. Well, now you now why I called this day One Sweet Day.. :)

Me and boyfie.
What I wear: batik blouse, no label-custom-made skinny choco pants, peach Charles & Keith heels *my fave for now*, no label beige bag. 

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Bloglovin Baru & Giveaways

Saya baru buat Bloglovin' di: Follow my blog with bloglovin

Mengapa? Supaya bisa ikutan giveaways dari blognya Living Daisy. Seru sekali, cukup kasi comment dan follow di bloglovin, twitter, google bisa dapet kesempatan menangin beberapa freebies. Yeay!

Saya sendiri mengincar buku "My Stupid Boss" dan Cotton Ink Pink Champagne Fringe Shawl. Saya suka baca dan gak nolak buku gratis, apalagi judulnya terdengar ringan dan menghibur. Kalau cotton ink, saya suka warnanya!! Dari pertama lihat sangat ingin beli. Tapi mikir mikir berjuta-juta kali atas alasan penghematan. Hehehehe! *okay agak lebay*. Di bawah ini foto cotton ink yang saya capture dari blognya Living Daisy:

Karena saya fair *winkwink* kamu juga bisa ikutan lhoo, klik aja link diatas. Mari mencoba peruntungan! Semoga berhasil!