Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Gotta Move on from Pink!

I've been always love the color pink. Now, it seems age-inappropriate for me. Like this pink-black anya two tone UP wedges which I love. It's hated by close friends, mom and boyfriend. *he hates it so bad he asked me not to wear it when I'm with him* :p

On second thought. I might made a mistake. Especially when wearing that shoes with this khaki jeggings. Haha. Fashion crime. And I didn't realize until the day is ended. Oh well, I guess it's a lesson. Not going to repeat it. :p

What do you think of these?

**the worse angle**

**can't believe I said this, but the pink ruined it :p**

**front angle, not bad eh? the pink is hidden. I'm wearing: black Zara tank top, Monday to Sunday cardigan, khaki jeggings, White Cottonink shawl, brown Lee Cooper belt, Beige bag, and black-pink anya two tone UP shoes**

**side angle: weird pose, the pink is not working :p**

One Fine Date with Myself ;)

Odd combination: Washed out old jeans, Batik Keris shirt, XSML maroon cardigan,  Nevada slipper, gym bag!

That day, I'm having a date with myself. ;) Started with Pilates and Bosu Yoga Class, quick KFC lunch and watching Smurf, movie that induced happy childhood memories.

That day I wore an odd combination of clothes. I'm running out of clothes, because I recently moved to a rented room near my work place and I don't bring enough clothes. :p Aside from the odd clothing, I still have a good time :)

I think either single or in relationship, one need some "me time", quality time spent with oneself. Why? By being alone, we're challenged to deal with positive and negative emotions. Once we're good on doing that, we tend to feel comfortable being ourselves. When we're being ourselves, we'll make a good partner. Because we can handle our own emotion, not depending on the partner. *IMHO*

What do you think? Do you spare some "me time" ?

Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

New Friends, New Colors..

Been a while! I have so much stories to tell! Let me start with this "project" I'm so excited about. :)
Well, can't tell detail. Better wait 'till it's launched. This project require me and my partner, Nadya to read and write a lot about relationship. A topic, we both passionate about. I'm so excited!

Through this project, I met new people. Interesting personalities, nice friends. Not only a fun and competent partner to work with, but also also a good friend. :) Here are some picture of them, at Vin + Arcadia, Alexis birthday dinner.

**Me, Alexis -the Birthday girl-, Nadya and Mochi**

 **The new circle of friends**

Beside new project and new friends, recently I've added new things in my life. New colors. In my closet to be exact. When I go through my clothes, I see a lot of black, grey and white. Very few bright colors available. Therefore, I tried to spice it up a bit with these  cottonink collection. Here are some pictures of me trying them out. As I type this, I can't help my self to browse, and maybe buy another cottonink goods :D

 **As the package arrived, I tried them on. Matched 'em with my fave peach shoes and bag. Love the cardigan so much!**

**French Rose Boxy Tee Dress with skinny belt, navy blue jegging and black shawl**
**Super comfortable combo :p**

As much as I'm excited about new friends and stuffs, I keep my 'old' friends close to my heart. ;) Like my dear 'ice creamers' below.

**Precious are the time spent with them**

Ah well, past my bed time.. Talk to you later! :*