Selasa, 29 September 2009

LD 230909 : My first cottonink Shawl

I'm trying a new look, wearing a shawl. I like this shawl, there's many ways to wear it.

I wear it on a one full day with my bf. Lunch with his family and then catch a movie with his brother and brother's gf. What I'm wearing is very warm & comfortable. It suit my bf car's AC which is very very cold. ☺

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Selasa, 22 September 2009

LD 220909 : Shopping with Mum

Today my Mum and Dad ask me to accompany Mum looking for a decent party clothes. So we (Me, Peter, Mum & Dad) go to Metro PIM.

After one lap and few times fitting we finally get mummy a nice blouse ☺. And then Dad treat us a yummy dinner at Radja Ketjil followed by J-cool frozen yogurt. Oh, Dad also bought me beautiful earings and necklace. We're heading home after grabbing Burger King's Whopper to go.

Nice family day. Love it.

I wore my Grandpa's shirt (it's surprisingly comfortable!), logo jeans, nuvoue sandals and black bag. I love the colors. I rarely wears colorful items. Black, white, grey and brown are my regular color. Earlier today I was tidying my closet and realized that I only have a few colorful item. Well, should be wear colors more often :)

Sabtu, 19 September 2009

LD 200909 : Happy Sunday! Selamat Idul Fitri! ☺

Today my Moslem Friends celebrate their big day "Idul Fitri", the day of victory from sins and lust. After one month fasting and defeat their own 'selves', now it's time to forgive one another. *please correct if I'm wrong guys :)*

Usually they gather in their hometown with the big family. Leaving the crowded city of Jakarta half empty.

For me, today is Sunday, time for Church. Time to praise the Lord and learn more about HIM. The picture's taken at my backyard, just arrived from Church. I wear my chocolate skirt, white shirt, my mums belt and brown sandals. It's my 1st to mixed them up. I'm very inspired with Diana Rikasari and her blog "". She seems very good and 'brave' in mix-and-matching her thing. That way, she'll have unique appearance everyday. Well, I'm not trying to be that edge. I like classics style. But I want to use every item I have and create a classic but not boring look everyday. (Or every time I have spare time ;) ).
That's what I'm trying to get with this look. Classic but not boring.
Anyway, I look so chubby. Yeah, I eat a lot these days ;) gonna grab my brunch now. Bye diary!

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Selasa, 15 September 2009

LD 100909

It's my Grandma's 78th bday! We celebrate it in a Japanese Restaurant near my house. Only her children, grandchilds, older sister and one niece. Gonna be "just us" and sure it'll be fun. So I wear my new dark grey cottonink leggings and a shirt. :)

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