Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

LD 190311

Dear Looks diary,

Today I go to Puncak with my family. My Mom wants us to have some 'quality time'. So off we go, six of us. My Mom, Dad and 3 brothers. We planned to stay one night at Via Renata, Puncak.

Before we arrived at the Villa, we stop by at Cimory, a restaurant with beautiful view. Cimory has the best milk! I like the coffee and green tea milk. Beside milk they also have a good youghurt. Today, I just found out that they have a good snack too! Their potata chips are the best! Even better than Karya Umbi's.

Today's schedule is only dinner and continued with sleeping. But before dinner, we went shopping at the factory outlet nearby. Turns out we're having a good time there, when we finished shopping, the restaurant has already closed. So we have our dinner at the Villa's cafe. I ate ox tail soup, yummy! Also I grab a little of everything: crispy chicken skin, kangkung hot plate and some toasted bread. After that I indulged my self with some hot shower bath. So, here I am with a very happy belly and wet hair, at the villa, typing today's looks diary entry. I'm planning to work a bit and will have cimory milk with a splash of bailey's to accompany me. :) Have a good good Saturday night dear diary..

♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

*I wore white Gaudi shirt, black posh boy jeans, Jones New York black wedges and Mom's bag.*

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

I Wear Up-Anya Pink

I'm so in love with this black-pink wedges. This might not that 'age-appropriate' for me. I could only wear it on specific events with particular people. Even my mom, boyfriend and close friend don't like it. But I still love it. ♥

How do I look? ;)

*pictures taken in December 2010, I wore: black contempo jeans, black tank top+cardigan, scarf, Anya pink wedges from I wear UP*


Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Sunday Date with "Ice-creamers"

Hey readers! What are your mood-boosters? One of my most effective mood-boosters are my friends. Particularly non-judgmental friends who accept me the way I am. They could stand the '18 years old clumsy girl' inside me and at the same time remind me to act age-properly. They're my comfort zone, I can talk about almost everything: feelings, business, even financial matters. Meet Rona (ah, you've met her, she's also my inspiration in fashion), Stanley and Ranggi. They're who I'm talking about. They handle me so well. I almost spill some water at Stanley's new iPad. Luckily, Rona saved me from that unfortunated clumsiness. Hehe..

We had a very fun and indulging date. Funny, we all wore gradation of purple without any plan before. Cute isn't? ;)

As usual, we took pictures. I like the big mirror at the ladies room, we can see our whole appearance, so there, me and Rona. There is also four of us at the end of the date, after very yummy dinner. You can see satisfaction in our eyes. I was so full that day.. Looking forward for the next date! Oh, we're planning a road trip to Bandung. Super yeay! :)

*I wore: Magnolia loose top, Xsml headband, cotton-ink legging, jones new york wegdes. Rona wore: Xsml dress, flats (no brand), bag (no brand)*