Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

What's Valentine's Day for you? The 'it' day where you can show extra love to your partner? The day where you received roses and chocolates? Or.. Do have other things in mind?

I don't mind people celebrating Valentine's day. I used to celebrate it too. For me it is "just another reason to be pampered with roses and fine date". Shallow? Maybe. Actually we don't need specific date on specific month with certain history background to show extra love to partner, beloved friend or family.

We -or at least I- could do it in every random time. According to behavior theorist, random scheduled 'reward' will strengthen behavior, stronger than fixed scheduling. So, instead of giving flowers and go to a fine date every 14th of February, do it in random time. Your partner will appreciate it -guarantee!- and his/her positive behavior toward you will be even stronger. Be prepare for more smile, hugs, kisses, sweet words and supports.

Happy (belated) Valentine's day!

*l spent my "Valentine" evening with loved ones -like I did in other weekend- Here's my picture with Rona*

Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

LD 130211: Daniel's Farewell

My Church friend, Daniel is going to work at Oman for 2 years. So he held a farewell dinner for us. He seemed so sad with the idea of saying goodbye to his friends and family. But I believe he's going to be OK there.

I wore my pink tank, black jeans (posh-boy) and black blazer. I need to feel good that night so I put on some make up. My mood wasn't very good that night, dressed well and put some make up on are some of my mood booster. Taking and editing those pictures also boost my mood. Hehehe..


LD 130211: After Church

Today, Rona sang at the Church, beautiful duet with Ivan! She wore Zara black dress which made her look slim. I wore black shirt and grey pencil skirt. Look at us, another un-planned similar color! Hihihi.. ♥ u Na!

Tante Adeline join us for the photo session. I like her dress! Timeless. Once, I asked where she bought her outfit and she said she had it made. Nice!

Rona: Dress & shoes: Zara
Pinkz: Shirt & skirt: no brand, Shoes: Zara


Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

My Fashion Inspiration

This gorgeous girl in the picture is my bestie, Rona. She's a also one of my muse in fashion. Today she felt that this look "gave her spirit to run through the day".
All black with a glimpse of bright color. Gave you a skinny yet fresh look. Be inspired!

What she wore:
turtle neck zara, tights zara, shoes zara, skirt unbranded, crop jacket unbranded.


Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

10 Years and Still Going Strong..

I've known Rona, Olive & Claudia for a long time, since elementary school. We weren't close enough until high school where we spend much time together, along with Adit and Vanya.

B 1817 TC is the car that brought us together. It's Esti's car, her father was kind enough to made it a transportation for us. Our school were about 1-1.5 hour away from our house. So you can image how much time we spend together at the road for 3 years.

We share pretty much all about our live. Family issues, boyfriend, crushes, even latest gossips are the topics that fill our morning and afternoon ride with Mr. Sidik the driver.

It's been ten years, we still keep ourselves updated. Try to gather around despite our full schedule. Sharing, encouraging, laughing like a high-school girl, that's what we do every time we get along together.

Yesterday we celebrate our 10 years of friendship along with Claudia & Vanya's birthday. We had a bbq pool party at Vanya's in-laws. What a warm evening!

I'm very blessed having the gals *or should I say: the ladies* around me. I pray we'll get stronger in the future. God bless you my dear Ladies ♥

Happy belly goes to Karaoke

I had a great night! It's 'ice creamers' night out and Stanley's treating us all night long.. He had dinner at Garry's Kopi Tiam, a new restaurant at BSD. The tissue prata is good! While the other food are so so. But we're having a great time! Ordering without thinking whether we can finish them or not ;) We end up very full. Our belly's are happy.

We continued to Happy Puppy and had a 2 hours mind-blowing karaoke session. Singing from our heart, laughing and of course dancing like there's no tomorrow. ;) What a fun way to burn calories right?

Can't wait for the next Ice-creamers night out!

(Picture: Me-Rona-Ranggi, Stanley took it ;) )