Jumat, 24 April 2009

I love the background :)

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Sabtu, 18 April 2009

150409: Mix and Match Night!

Oh how i miss writing and posting pictures on my blogspot :)

I haven't found a way to post via my BB, so sometimes I post my "looks diary" on multiply.

But I'm back now :)

Last Wednesday I asked my friends to help me mix-and-matched my clothes so I won't be late to class because I have to choose what I want to wear every morning. We end up taking pictures and messing up my room. Here's some result of the wacky mix-and-match :D

black, white dots, and red
I love this look, especially the red belt and red flat.
(black shirt with white dots: ITC, rp 35k; pants: hand me down from my aunty; red flats: Citos, rp 100k; fashion stylist: Ranny a.k.a Ragul)
silver shoes!
I get the silver wedges as my birthday present from my "housemates" at Libra. They called them self "B'Boy". Maybe because we lived at building B. Anyway, sorry for the bad cropping, I'm new at cropping thing. Haven't figure out the right way to crop.
(dark blue shirt: hand me down from my other aunty, same black pants as above, shoes: gift *i've just realize that i don't spend any dime for this look, all freebies! LOL!*; fashion stylist: Ranny a.k.a Ragul)
grey lover
I love grey lately. I bought grey pants, grey shirt, even when i already have similar kind of tone. It's difficult for my to find a match to my wide-legged grey pants, but my 'fashion stylists' are awesome! And there it goes, perfect grey and silver combination :)
(shirt: ITC, rp 35k; old navy wide legged pants: Bandung, about rp 90k, silver wedges: gift, fashion stylist: Ranny a.k.a Ragul)

photographer and fashion stylist 
To close this post, i want to introduce you to my 'photographer' and 'fashion stylist', Danika a.k.a Dane and Ranny a.k.a Ragul. Thanks girls! Looking forward for another mix-and-match night :D