Jumat, 26 Maret 2010


Had a chit chat with my bf. One thing struck me. He said that every man wants his wife to look good. No men want a wife that looks like a "three doors refrigerator". He said I can make a little survey and will found out that every man wants a beautiful, proportional, eye-pleasing wife (well, I conclude that from what he said). 

Somehow it made me sad. It crushed my concept about 'true love' or 'pure love'. Love that will last even though your spouse look ugly. 

I can not deny that appearance is an important aspect of relationship. Since man is a very visual creature, no man wants an ugly spouse. But somehow, I thought if he love her, he'll accept her as she is. No matter how fat she is. 

Today I realize, it might only be in my fantasy.

What do you think?

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Turning Twenty-five

Dear blog,

In few minutes I'm going to turn into a 25 years old young woman. Wow! I have mixed feeling now. Well, actually I don't feel any significant different. I'm still going to do my routine tomorrow. But the "twenty-five years old" label does mean something.

I'm very thankful to dear Mighty God for I've been through 24 years of my life quite smoothly. Well, doesn't mean that I don't problems but somehow I managed to deal with it. Thanks to HIS guidance and beloved people HE sent me. I'm happy and grateful for this.

On other point of view, I feel old. Hehe. Ok, that's exaggerated. I'm not old at all. In fact I'm might be at the peak of my youth. I feel older. I'm not an adolesence anymore. I've entered young adult-hood 4 years ago. I should've been good at handling this young adult developmental tasks. When I'm younger, I expected that I'll be working and independent by the time I reach 25. The fact is I'm still clinging on my parents. While most of my cohort have been on their middle area of career ladder or have been married and some have had kids. That give me certain pressure. I feel left behind them. I know, I'm working on my postgraduate degree now. I should've be thankful for it. I am thankful. But still, that pressure exist. To make it worse, I only have vague planning about my future.

Where will I work after graduate? Working for a company or a psychologist's bureau? On what specific area? When will I get married? Where will I live after that? Those are questions I can not answer firmly. I only know I have this dream to be a psychologist with relationship, marriage and family as my main interest and expertise. I also want to have a relationship-marriage-family clinic. Of course I also want to have a steady income to buy things I need, things I want also. The problem is I still don't know exactly how to make those dream comes true. I know that there will be steps. But, what's the first to take? Where could I find opportunity?

Thanks God, I begin to see some light to guide me to take that ladder to reach my dreams. Well, I'm taking little steps now. I join this Oriflame business. It's a multi-level marketing business. I used to disagree with it. But on second thought if it could give me benefits, why not? It's not like I'm not working at all. I'm aiming for a steady second income from the bonus point. Therefore I have to look for down-lines, maintain some purchasing point and so on. I joined earlier this month and very excited bout it. Next step is to make long term and short term planning regarding this business.

Ah, there are a lot of planning to be made. Oriflamme business, my future relationship-marriage-family clinic and my future family. Better start making it right now. Plus start to pray for it. Beside that gratitude and low self-esteem feeling on the same time I feel excited. I see my future as a challenge and I'm going to fight for it. I'm sure God will be with me in every step.

It's Monday, 21st of March, 11:50 pm. I'm turning to 25 and I'm ready for it. May God bless me and you too reader.

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Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

Wedding Dresses

Choosing what to wear to a Wedding Party is a fun and quite tricky thing. It might be easy when you have plenty of dress. But when you have limited stock, you'll have this kinda thought "have I wear this dress to this crowd?". You don't want people think that you only have one party dress don't you?

That's what's happening to me. So, to help me remember which dress I wore in what occasion, I decided to post pictures of wedding parties I've attended in the past 2 years. Hope this strategy works. So I spend less time worrying about what dress to wear and have I worn it to that group of people. 

Here are the pictures, from the oldest to the most recent one.

Freya's Wedding-040108

Ria & Indra's Wedding-300808

Runnie & Adrian's Wedding-170109

Jaka & Melly's Wedding-260409

Ka Maria's Wedding-150709

Handa & Nisa's Wedding 150709

Precha & Juju's Wedding 190709

Vanya & Edi's Wedding-101009 (day)

Vanya & Edi's Wedding-101009 (night)

Mbak Lupi's Wedding-221109

Prita's Wedding-121209

Rasmaita & Fyan's Wedding-090210

Sussy's Wedding-280210 

Those might not be my best picture of the night but it describe what I wear  more clearly.
Hmm, a question pop out of my mind: how much Wedding will I attended before I get my own W-day? Only God knows. ;)

Sabtu, 13 Maret 2010

Hello 2010!

Hello my dear online public diary...

Wow! It's been a while since my last post ;) I've been busy with my internships. Now I'm working on the last report *may God help me to finished it by tomorrow*. The next step is to start my thesis. Oh well. I hope I can make it and be done by June 2010.
Anyway here's some looks diary pictures and other pictures with stories behind it. There are 'Bogor' times (Nov 2009), friend's wedding (February 2010), date nights and me wearing my yellow jacket (February 2010) ;)