Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Second Date!

So happy! We met twice this weekend :)

After a sweet and yummy gathering with my bffs, we went for another round of meal. It was great..

He drove me home, but my day wasn't over yet. I went shopping for a disenser, full body mirror and some electricity utilities. I get some free time to write this after pimping my room. It's cozier now.. Yeay! :)

*wearing my cottonink peach blouse, indigo jeans, black kez's wedges and black bag, collar-like necklace. *I'm a fan for loose cozy tops! ;)

Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

Saturday Night Movie Marathon!

Had a great time watching Dark Night Rises and Three Stooges.. One is an action plus emotionally moving movie and the other is funny heart warming movie..

Aah.. Life is good :)

Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Floral Collar

At the office. Get some good fashion advice from a dear office mate ;)

Before, i wear the floral collar with necklace. But she thought it would be better to button up the shirt and tuck my hair up. I agree. It looks cuter, right? :)

Rabu, 18 Juli 2012


Yeaaay! I found a decent application for blogging from ipad.. It's blogger application. So happy! I promise I'll post more often :)

For this first iPad editon, i'd tell you a bit about my short though meaningful vacation.

It started some weeks ago when I had rough time in many aspects of life. Well, love, family, and work seems to give me problems at once. So i need a break badly! I told this to my traveler-diver Ranma. Asked her to carry me away to any hideaway possible. With that i mean it's cheap and close enough from Jakarta. She offered me some trip which I have to decline because I was working on weekend. Finally, she offered me on a date which is still free from any schedule. I gladly take the offer and block my schedule right away.

It's a group trip from her friend's office. It would be about 20 persons and i only know Ranma. That's okay for me because the destination is amazing. Sawarna beach, Banten is the name of our destination. I googled it and instantly fell in lust with it ;)

The price is also very reasonable. Rp 350k foe 2 days and 3 night, include all. The transportation is also very comfortable. I'm so happy!

I meet new friends and found one that clicked instantly with me and Ranma. I experienced such an adventure. I'm able to relaxed and enjoy such a beautiful scenery. I'm just so overwhelmed with all that..

We took off at 9.30 pm from Jakarta and arrived at 4.30 am. We have to walk about 10 minutes from the parking lot to our home stay. It's so secluded, it has no hotel. Our ho stay called "Pondok Niken". (picture: scenery from our home stay)

After a very brief sleep. I woke up at about 8.00 am. Had a yummy breakfast of home made food. Then go straight to the first beach. Yup, I skipped bath, only change my clothes :p I forgot the name of the beach so, i'm just gonna called it with number. It's a beach with tan sand and mediu wave. Not many people around and not may vendor that sell things. So it's nice. (picture: me jumping at the first beach, taken by Ranma)

Then we walked by the beach until another part which have some bedrocks with small fish in it. The water is so clear, i can observe the small fishes.

At that part of the beach, i saw foreigners surfing. We also found a cozy place: tree with a branch to sit in. There, i can relax and enjoy people surfing. Blue sky as background and waves as soundtrack. Plus, two hot guys are sitting in front of us, at the other branch of the same tree. Life is oh so good! (picture: the tree and hot guys)

After the beach, we went to Goa Lalay for a caving adventure. It's a cabe with water and mid in it. So i have yo be extra careful. I slipped several times and Ranma hurt her toes, but we're good. (picture: me inside the cave)

The first day hasn't over yet. We go back to home stay for lunch and nap break. At 4.30 we're heading to the second beach. It's 20 minutes waling from our house. It's marvelous! We can see a cliff and wave crashing some bedrocks. It was amazing! We watch the sun setting there. After that we go back home to eat grilled fish and sleep. That's the end of first day. We gotta sleep well because we're planning to see sun rise at third beach, 40 minutes away from our house.

Second day, we'll a bit behind schedule. Had a good sleep, too good, had a difficulties to woke up. Luckily, we managed to get there on time. It's a bit cloudy, but still, beautiful! Kinda crowded there. Many people with fancy cameras are trying to capture good image. Me and Ranma? We enjoy our nap ;) From that beach we're heading to fourth beach. It's my favorite! Only about 5 minutes by car from our house. It's completely private, with beautiful cliff at its end. It also had an amazing waves. We took great pictures there. There are also a cave, this one is dry and less challenging. After that we headed home to get some brunch, clean up and heading to Jakarta. Ah! Actually i wanted more time. But anyway, i have to work on Monday.

On our way back hope, we stopped at this place called "Puncak Habibie". Rumor has it that it belongs to Me. Hahibie, our former presindent. It has beautiful scenery. After that, we have late lunch at this seafood restaurant by the "Pelabuhan Ratu" beach. It's a beach with very poor condition. Brownish water, black sand, and crowded with people swimming or just sitting around. The food is quite good. After that we go straight to Jakarta. At 10.15 pm I'm already safe and sound in my room. That's the end of my wonderful short getaway. :)

Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

One Sunday Morning

Today I wear this batik dress to Church. After the service, some acquaintance's telling that I'm slimmer *yay!*

Yet, my Mom told me that I'm chubbier. That means the dress worked! I'll make another dress in similar cut then. Gonna need a "slim effect" dress. ;)

Anyway, one of my friend called me "Strawberry Cupcake" because of my new haircut. Hihihi! I giggle everytime I think of it.

It's a gloomy Sunday for me. I feel tired. Plus I donated 350cc of my blood. I thought I'm okay, but I'm getting dizzy and feel even more tired.

Well, Happy Sunday for you guys, reader! :)

Pingkan C. B. Rumondor

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Gloomy Day

Today is so gloomy. I can hardly wake up from my slumber. I have to. Works await.
No time to pick nice wardrobe. Just grabbed anything in the same hue and pull it together.
Luckily I choose just the right ones. Especially the MYE tweed jacket. So comfy and warm.

So there I go. Getting through one packed day. From 09.30 to 18.00. Still, so excited to do the photo shoot. Thanks to a friend, who captured these. ;)

*things I do every morning*

*a friend of mine took this as snap shot*


*not so pretty background*

*spooky alley in front of my room*

I wore:
- Black & white tweed jacket from MYE, bought it spontaneously at Level One, Grand Indonesia. Can't resist! No regret! So comfy! Office and play appropriate..
- Black & white shirt form Atmosphere. Got it on discount at Metro, like 3 or 4 years ago..
- Grey pants from Atmosphere. I like this brand much!
- Black wedges, Bata.
- Tote Bag from Bags Station *my fb online bags shop*
- Mom's necklace and Grandma's ring.


Pingkan C. B. Rumondor

Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

Double Date!

Last Saturday night, finally I get to meet Antci. She's also a fashion lover. Her blog describe it very well.

We have this project but haven't got any time to meet. Two busy ladies, and two busy boyfriends. ;)

Had a great conversation. Really hope the project be launched soon! *excited*

I wore:
- Red satin top *brand-less, bought it at my friend's online shop: Najah
- Vamped up guess pants *yeah, i wore it the night before :p
- Charles & Keith heels
- No brand bag that i sell, find more here: Bags Station

*me and Antci*

*cute picts  -edited by Antci* 


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Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

The Bachelorette Party!

Just had an amazing, wild, and memorable moments wiith beloved gang. We dress up, playing quirky quiz and just have fun intimate time.. Can't tell you details, it's too private ;)

Pictures: the bride to be and her besties ;)

I wore:
- Guess pants (used to be in boot cut shape, had it tailored to be a skinny pants) » gift from Grandma..
- Zara black basic tank top.
- Cottonink black waterfall jacket, as seen here: cottonink webstore.
- Charles & Keith heels.

Pingkan C. B. Rumondor

Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

The Peach Blazer

So this is it. The peach blazer. ;)

I wore:
- Peach blazer
- Cotton ink top
- Charles & Keith bag

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Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Sunset by the lake

A beautiful afternoon with my cousins. Enjoying the sun setting, by the lake. Take pictures, laugh, chat. :)

What I wore:
- cotton ink nude hyatchin top
- forever 21 tank top
- not so thight jeggings
- petite cupcakes flat shoes
- necklace, friend's gift from Bali

Pingkan C. B. Rumondor

Minggu, 29 April 2012

Peach Blazer, Yeay!

Remember the collage of "things I l♥ve" that I posted earlier? I want the peach blazer badly. I've look it up at Forever 21, they have it, but it's over my budget.

Then, one of my friend post this picture at her online-bbm group-shop. I instantly ordered! Guess what? I get that limited item. Yeay!

It's still on it's way.. I hope it is as cute as the picture.. :)

*stop looking for a peach blazer*gonna focus on comfortable-affordable black pump shoes* ;)

Pingkan C. B. Rumondor

Inacraft with Mom

It was day 3 of my EMDR training and mom told me she were at Inacraft. So I joined her and Oma ;)

I wore very comfortable outfit. Shirt from Zara, Atmosphere's blazer (it's been in my closet since 2010 I guess :p), point one black jeans and Zara pumps (can't see them on the pict). Oh and Venza Shop's bag :D love it. It's affordable and quite durable. Not bad..

Pingkan C. B. Rumondor

Selasa, 17 April 2012

Hot Pink!

Hot pink shirt. Mr. Red. Coffee. Work.

Life is good :)

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Around April

April 2012 is a month of Grief, Easter, and Oma Dee's Birthday. Most of all it's a "Family Time" for me. I spend lots of time with Aunts, Cousins and Grandmas, since we've just lost two dear Uncle.

Sad, missing them. Though I know it's for the best :) There's rainbow in every storm. The bright side is I get to see my 'long lost' cousin :p he's been studying in Chicago for 2 years, haven't seen him since then. He got the rainbow also, get a chance to visit HK and Japan in his way home ;)

He gave me this cool sunnies. I love! So there, I wear it after Easter ceremony at Church. Below, there's an Easter present from my dear Aunt. So cute of her..

April is also my Oma Dee's birthday. Here some pictures of her 77th birthday lunch. So fun! Gathering with the elder of Menajang/Menayang.. ♡

*I wear:
- white blouse
- black executive skirt
- red belt (given by Oma Ani)
- Charles & Keith white kitten heels
- H & M sunnies

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Rabu, 11 April 2012

Look I L♥ve

My favorite color is now the "it" color of Spring/Summer 2012. Along with peach, mint, and other pastel colors. How I love this!
The designers and retail industries like Mango and Zara made pink wearable for woman. Not only for 5-ish girls.. ;)
Here are some pictures of pink clothes from www.whowhatwear.com
Now I know what I want: a fine pink/salmon blazer.. *slurp* any idea where can I find it with good price? Below RP 500k would be nice :)

Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Rainy Family Day :)

Happy Sunday readers!

Today is one rainy and cold Sunday. So I decide to wear a dress with a coat to make me warm. I had a good day :) After heartwarming service at Church, I went to one of my Aunt's Birthday. There we are, about 35 person, and that's not complete yet ;) Ah. So thankful for today.. :)

Rainy days.. Don't forget your umbrella..

Sleepy face with no make up :P

Beloved big Londa family :)

I'm wearing:
- Batik dress, gift from Ragul
- Black Magnolia coat
- Mom's vintage belt
- Vicari black heels

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012


Today's theme: torn apart between two intense emotions. [dot]

Oops can't hide that belly :P

Love the heels. Make me feels.. Err.. Taller..

 I'm wearing:
- M & S indigo jegging
- Zara basic
- C & K heels
- XSML cardigan

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

First Working Day in 2012



Today is my first official working day in 2012. I've been working since yesterday, at home, in my cozy hoodie. ;)
Today I have to get up, dress up and go to the office. I still have this flu "left over". Hopefully I can do well today. :) Here are my "age-appropriate" outfit. Photos taken before and after I tidy my room :p

What I wear:
- Atmosphere blazer
- Some wool pants
- Black tank top
- Bata peep toed wedges