Minggu, 14 Agustus 2016

Din's Coffee at Pulo Gebang Permai

Today I found a small coffee shop located at my neighbourhood! Me and my husband found it while we took our morning stroll. Well actually, I found it first via instagram yesterday. Finally today, we went there for a coffee.

Here are some pictures:

Many kinds of coffee beans..

The coffee counter.

Hanging menu.


Inside the counter.


Coffee beans in a jar.

More coffee beans.

Mr. Smile and coffee powder.


Coffee juice, wheat bread with egg.

My husband :)

I think this is the kitchen.

Yup! Coffee is always a good idea..

Our brunch. I ordered "jus kopi" or coffee juice. Made from blended frozen coffee. So, no ice needed!
They provide dumbells!

It's a nice place to chill. I like to sit outdoor at the "bar" look a like stool. You can also sit inside if you want to. Price is also reasonable, my jus kopi is only IDR 17K, ice lychee tea for IDR 20K, and the sunny side up bread for IDR 14K. Only IDR 51K for both of us. I'll definitely go back for more coffee. ❤

For mor info, visit their Instagram: @dins.kopi.

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